Amazing Characteristics of Cats

Cats are really lovable pets. If you’re looking for a pet of your own, choose cats. Of course you have to choose cats that are gentle, sweet, and affectionate. There are different types and breed of cats. Let us know more about cats, their characteristics or personalities. It’s good to know what kind of cat you want to have.

Just like dogs, there are cats that are friendly. You must know and understand your cat so that both of you will go along together. The following are the characteristics or personalities of different cats:


There are various breed of cats. In the same way, they have different personalities and also temperament. For example, British Shorthair cats are friendly and affectionate. They are also loyal as well as devoted to the one who owns them. Children and other pets will enjoy and have fun with these breed of cat.  Another breed of cat is the Maine Coon. These cats are very intelligent and friendly. They are like dogs of the world of cats. Though giant, you must not fear them because they are very gentle. They are also outgoing, curious, and very sociable.


Most cats are really good in terms of socialization. They also interact with people and to other pets. For example, Persian cats show their socialization through their actions such as going near you and they sit at your lap. For Siamese cats,  they are known as communicators. They have a distinctive way of communicating to people as well as to other pets and you can understand them through their gestures or body language.